Checking Blom-Singer 



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Figure 3: Insertion of the Blom-Singer Low Pressure voice prosthesis into the TEF. Rotation of the insertion stick and thereby of the prosthesis gives an indication of a complete dissolved gelatin capsule and proper placement of the prosthesis.

After minimally three minutes the gelatin capsule will be dissolved resulting in an unfolded esophageal retention collar (letting the patient drink a glass of water can dissolve the gelatin capsule faster). To assure proper positioning of the prosthesis, rotate the prosthesis that is still on the insertion stick (figure 3). The prosthesis should rotate freely within the TEF, if not so the prosthesis can be wedged inside the TEF. When proper placement is verified the inserter stick is removed. If desired the complete expansion of the esophageal retention collar can be checked with an AP X-ray of the neck which should show a perfect circle of the radio-opaque esophageal retention collar.

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