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Figure A.5: Schematic drawing of removal of the Provox2 from the TEF and loading of the Provox2 into the insertion tool.

Removal of the old prosthesis is done by either pulling it out with a hemostat (figure A.5), or by pushing it into the esophagus after removal of the tracheal flange in order to swallow it or to remove the device with a guidewire.

Insertion can be done by two methods; insertion it through the tracheostoma or by insertion through the mouth (backloading). The insertion through the tracheostoma will only be discussed.

Loading the voice prosthesis into the insertion tool (figure A.5): the voice prosthesis is attached on top of the inserter after the security string is fixed into the slit of the inserter. The esophageal flange is folded into a forward direction so it can slide into the loading tube.

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