VoiceMaster Voice Prosthesis

The VoiceMaster voice prosthesis is a frontloading indwelling device. It consists of a Teflon or silicone ball valve, a titanium barrel and a coating made out of medical grade silicone. The VoiceMaster package consists of an inserter, cleaning tool, prosthesis, lubricant and manuals. Refer to the manuals for a complete insertion and maintenance instruction.

Important for the safe insertion of the VoiceMaster is to understand the color code of the inserter. Through a little window in the inserter the position of the plunger can be read as it is indicated by three colors.

The red color indicates that the voice prosthesis is not locked onto the inserter. The yellow color indicates that the voice prosthesis is locked onto the inserter and the esophageal flange is in the normal not extended position. The green color indicates that the voice prosthesis is attached and the esophageal flange is stretched.

Removal of the VoiceMaster prosthesis can be done by reversing the insertion procedure described in detail in the section below or by pulling is out of the TEF with a hemostat.

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