Removing Blom-Singer 



Blom-Singer preparation

Figure 1: Removal of the Blom-Singer Low Pressure voice prosthesis with a hemostat. Preparing the voice prosthesis for insertion using the loading tool.

The prosthesis is removed from the TEF by pulling it out with a hemostat (figure). The preparation of the prosthesis to make it ready for insertion is done before removing the old prosthesis or after removal of the old prosthesis followed by insertion of the 22 Fr. fistula stent to minimize the time in which leakage can occur from the esophagus towards the trachea.

The strap of the prosthesis is inserted in the center hole of the loading tool (figure 1). It is then gently pulled in such a way that the esophageal retention collar (flange) is folded upwards in the hole. The transparent part of the gelatin capsule is placed in the groove of the loading tool over the folded retention collar. Now the prosthesis is pushed out of the loading tube in a reversed motion leaving the gelatin capsule over the forwardly folded retention collar (figure 1).

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